Worm Quartet


August 18th, 2001
Torpedo Magazine benefit @ the Old Parochial League
Syracuse NY

This was an unbelievably fun show...I screwed up quite a bit, but the crowd was friendly and made happy noises and seemed to like me for some reason! Even some of the guys at the bar in the back came up to check me out. Cool stuff. The Contortionists, The Secession Movement, the Moths, Dufus, and the Flashing Astonishers also played...and they all frikkin' rocked. T'was a great great time. I retroactively highly recommend going to this show.

All of these pics were taken by my amazing wife Kim, a.k.a. Ms. Shoebox (she looks just like me except she has a bow on her head.)

Damn, I sweat a lot!!!

Just prior to going on stage...notice I'm already sweaty. This is the only pic of this set in which my eyes aren't red.

I have no idea what this hand gesture means, if anything...my hand just kinda bent that way. There are instruments in the background, but I assure you I didn't use any of them. In case anyone was wondering how I pulled off a live one-man show thingy, basically I burned all the music to CD and sang over it. Kind of a hyped-up Karaoke sorta thing, except instead of a bunch of drunk assholes ruining classic songs, it was just one sober asshole ruining a bunch of songs most people have never heard before.

Behold the sweat-drenched crooning freak

The front of the crowd that was nodding their heads politely to the synth-punk mayhem

People wouldn't get close enough to the stage to suit me, so I jumped down and got up in the face of anyone who knew the words. The guy in the Worm Quartet shirt is my buddy Al, WQ fanboy supreme.

This is Paul. He knew the words too. Note that my beautiful mullet is sticking to my face.

Apparently at one point during the show my arm swelled up to 20 times its normal size. I don't remember this happening, but pictures don't lie.

Bob of the Flashing Astonishers. He knows the damned words too.

This is the famous Gregg Yeti. He ran this here show. He's smoking because he's cool.

Al took advantage of my "open stage" policy and started jamming on air guitar during the instrumental in the middle of "Too Fat For The Pit." No actual guitars were used during the song, of course.

Al continuing to take advantage of my "open stage" policy.

You know, if Al keeps abusing my "open stage" policy, he's eventually going to ruin it for everyone else.

You can't really tell, but I'm wearing a "Fear The Mullet" shirt over a shirt with a picture of Superman demolishing a urinal.

Al and Paul helping me out when I ran out of breath. I should exercise or something.

And I finished the show hanging upside-down from the ceiling. Note that my hair was so sweat-soaked that it continued to stick to my shirt rather than hanging down.

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