Worm Quartet


People seem to like us for some reason! Here's a few links to Worm Quartet interviews, articles, CD reviews, etc.!


“The City” Newspaper interview with Worm Quartet  

(Words from Shoebox and nice comments by Frank DeBlase.)

Dr. Demento recommends "Faster Than a Speeding Mullet!"

(An incredibly flattering review from a legend.)


Ink 19's really bitchin' review of "Faster Than a Speeding Mullet"

("Aided by hyperactive keyboards, Worm Quartet spews all manner of lyrical insanity faster than any sane brain can absorb it.")


Ink 19's equally-bitchin' review of "Stupid Video Game Music"

("Sometimes, an album has the perfect title. Sadly, this is not the case here, for though you could easily call this Video Game Music, it is not very stupid. No. It's witty, and scatological, juvenile, smartassed... but stupid? Well, alright. Maybe a bit stupid. But funny as hell.")


Razorcake's Short but sweet review of "Stupid Video Game Music"

(You'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see it, damned alphabetical order...)


Drowned In Sound Review of "Stupid Video Game Music"

Describes the album as both "very juvenile" and "quite brilliant."


cnymusicandart.com review of Torpedofest

Good review of the 4-day Torpedo Fest including some nice words about Worm Quartet's live debut and yet another sweaty picture of Shoebox!


Syracuse New Times Interviews Worm Quartet

Hands down, my favorite interview/review so far. Conducted with part-time New Times writer and full-time Flashing Astonisher Gregg Yeti, who calls me "a quintessential fruitcake" and "the potential new king of Syracuse's subterranean noise scene" The online review, unfortunately, doesn't include the great pic that made it into the paper version of the New Times...but you can see it at the top of this here page!


Drowned In Sound Review of "Sumophobia"

Very nice review from a British online zine - they compared WQ to Joey Ramone and Weird Al, and gave me 5 yellow dots out of a possible 5!


CNY Music And Art Page review of "Sumophobia"

Michael Haight of cnymusicandart.com claims: "It seems that the Quartet has imagination pouring out of every orifice in their bodies."


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